Our mission is to bring the academic life of the university into the student's living environment...

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Residential Programs and Services (RPS) is to bring the academic life of the university into the student's living environment by providing a residential experience which best meets the educational and developmental goals of our residents outside the classroom, enabling them to succeed inside the classroom.

Because high-quality physical settings are vital to realizing our mission, we will provide and maintain facilities that are safe and secure; environmentally healthy and clean; functionally designed,  furnished and accessible; attractive and inviting; convenient to campus; and competitively priced.

As part of a dynamic institution, we will collaborate with other university and community efforts to provide and support services that offer: a variety of nutritious food and multiple dining options; optimal technology; space for student groups, university offices and community needs; an increased probability of academic success; and housing and support to conference participants.

Recognizing that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, we will create and support programs that demonstrate our commitment to: leadership development and student governance; diversity education that builds understanding and civility; orientation for new students and their families; strong academic communities; faculty involvement in the lives of residents; a variety of educational opportunities; thematic units and interest groups; communities that promote healthy relationships; and responsible and ethical behavior.

Our daily operations and construction projects are managed to conserve energy and reduce waste and chemical use. We also have programs available for residents to get involved.


  • Calibrated heating/cooling systems
  • Energy-efficient appliances and equipment
  • Fluorescent light fixtures in student rooms
  • LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting in public spaces
  • Occupancy sensor lighting in some centers

  • HEPA high-efficiency filtration vacuum cleaners
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • LEED Silver certification of new construction and major renovations
  • Rebuild and reupholster furniture
  • Recycle old carpet, draperies, and mattresses

  • Flooring and furniture sourced from companies engaged in sustainable manufacturing
  • GOJO, Green Seal-Certified foam hand cleaner
  • Johnson Diversey Green Seal Certified cleaning products
  • Kimberly-Clark 100% recycled JRT tissue paper
  • Water-based epoxy and low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) latex paint

  • Abandoned property sent to the Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sales
  • Desk-side office recycling
  • Household battery and printer cartridges
  • Mixed paper, plastic containers #1–7, glass, and metal containers

  • Energy Challenge—a semi-annual contest among to conserve electricity and water
  • RecycleMania—annual contest to raise awareness of and increase recycling
  • Residence Hall Assocation (RHA)—has student government positions that promote sustainable practices and programs