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Wright Residence Center
at Wright Quadrangle


  • Outdoor volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts
  • Music practice room


Wright is an undergraduate residence hall made up of 18 connected living units called houses (Campbell, Dodds, Dewey, Dunn, Elliot, Ferguson, Hall, Harding, Harney, Hummer, Jenkins, Lowe, Nichols, Parks, Rollins, Ruter, Stockwell, and Todd). The houses are coed single gender (all residents same gender) and split gender (intermixed male and female floors). Mostly double rooms with a limited number of singles and triples are available. Wright is not
air conditioned and is in the economy cost group. All student rooms offer wall-to-wall carpeting, modular furniture, and overhead lighting. There is no air conditioning. The bathrooms are community with shared multiple toilet and shower stalls, and sinks in a large room. They are designated for single gender use. For information about academic support, bed arrangements, parking, etc. see our facility comparison chart.

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