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Supplemental Housing

Bloomington, IN June 18, 2012 - Supplemental housing is made available in the residence halls when the need for student housing exceeds residence hall capacity. It consists of floor lounges that are converted to accommodate four or more students. These lounges are furnished to provide each student assigned with a bed, armoire, desk, desk chair, and internet access. Access to the IU cable TV system and local telephone service is also provided. Supplemental housing will be located at Forest, Foster, Teter, and Read.

Students assigned to supplemental housing in a learning community will have the option of paying the learning community fee and participating in that community's programs and activities. Students assigned to supplemental housing in other areas of the residence halls will be considered residents of the floor and have full access to all activities.

In some cases, students will remain in these arrangements for the entire fall semester and move to a permanent room assignment for the spring semester. If a permanent room assignment becomes available during the fall semester, students will be notified to move at that time.

The cost for supplemental housing is eighty percent (80%) of the double room rate of the residence hall where the assignment is made. Students will receive a credit adjustment for the number of days they resided in supplemental housing after they have received and moved to their permanent room assignment.

Those assigned to supplemental housing should regularly check their IUB e-mail account for communications from RPS regarding changes to their assignment status.


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