Helping with the next step

Moving out of the home for college can be both daunting and exciting for students. At RPS, we want to partner with parents to facilitate the student transition to independent living. Living on campus at IU Bloomington puts students close to academic resources both inside and outside of their residential buildings. Living on campus also allows students to engage in more extracurricular activities on campus and provides safe environments to foster personal development and new relationships. Help us make IU a second home for all our new Hoosiers!

Parent Access

Make sure you’ve got the right access! For security reasons, only students are allowed to access their own IU accounts. This means that parents, friends, and partners are not permitted to use a student’s ID and/or password. 

Know the appropriate means of access when it comes to handling payments, issues, or resources for housing at IU. 

FERPA and Information Rights

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects personal information in education records. Students have sole rights over their information and must sign a specific waiver for that information to be released to a third party. 

What does this mean? 

IU offices and staff cannot legally share a student’s information with a third party—even parents—unless specific waivers have been signed. Protected information includes, but is not limited to class information, disciplinary records, evaluations, financial records, GPA, grades, social security number, and transcripts. 

At RPS, we cannot share information about housing and dining records of applicants or residents with third parties without written consent of the applicant or resident. Students who wish to share access to their housing and dining plan information (including related billing information) can authorize chosen third parties in the RPS Emergency Contact Information module. 

Parking and Visiting

We hope you visit your student on our beautiful Bloomington campus! You can make your visit on campus easy with a visitor parking permit or plan to use our pay facilities and metered parking. 


On-campus hospitality

Stay overnight on campus at the Biddle Hotel right at the IMU! You’ll be within walking or campus shuttle distance of your student’s housing.

Make a reservation

If you prefer to stay off campus, Bloomington offers an array of lodging options, which you can find on this external link.

Mailing and Care Packages

Care packages and mail from home are some of the best parts of on-campus living. Address all mail to residents as: 



  • Resident’s name 
  • Resident’s room/apartment number 
  • Residence hall/apartment building street address 


Care package with address example. John Doe 501 North Jordan Ave, #4 Bloomington, IN 47406

Building addresses can be found on each location page of our website. Packages are delivered to each residence hall’s center desk for pick-up. 

When putting together care packages, be aware of what is allowed in the residence halls and what is allowed in packages sent by the U.S. Postal Service. Items prohibited by RPS include halogen lights, hot plates, incense and incense burners. Consult our Prohibited Items list for more information. Fireworks and combustible liquids are prohibited both in RPS locations and in USPS mail. Cosmetic items containing alcohol (e.g., nail polish or perfume) and medications may have mailing restrictions. 


It isn’t home unless it’s safe. That’s why RPS is committed to providing safe and secure living environments for all our residents. From individual-specific door access to safe local transport, RPS has safety measures and resources in place to ensure peace of mind for residents as well as their parents.  

Whether they are studying at the library after bus service ends or unable to get a ride back from off campus, students can rest assured knowing that they can get a free, safe ride back to their residence hall with Safety Escort. In case of emergencies, Indiana University’s own police department is a full-service law enforcement agency located on campus to serve and protect the IU Bloomington community. 

For a more comprehensive look at safety information, programs, resources, and at IU, visit Protect IU.