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  • $200 annual program fee
  • Standard housing costs with air-conditioning
  • Double rooms..
  • Central neighborhood


Members of the Outdoor Adventure LLC share a common love for the outdoors and want to learn and practice specific outdoor skills. They take a two-credit introductory course together as a community during the fall semester. The course culminates in a weekend wilderness trip where skills learned in class are put into practice. Registration for the class is part of summer orientation and is required.

Students who may be interested in the outdoors, but are unable to complete the course requirement, should consider joining the Outdoor Adventure Thematic Community.


  • Hiking, backpacking, and camping in nearby state parks and recreational areas.
  • Skiing, snowboarding, and indoor bouldering and wall-climbing.
  • Kayaking and horseback riding.
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Student Quotes

"The thing I like best about living in the Outdoor Adventure LLC are the people. They are all great people who share a love for the outdoors." —Dan. D., Terre Haute, Ind., Political Science and Economics

"I would recommend the Outdoor Adventure LLC to new students because I have never met a better group of people to spend my freshman year living with. I came in with no outdoor adventure experience and have already learned and experienced so much! Choosing to be a part of the OA LLC was one of the greatest decisions I've made at IU so far." —Sophie M., Wilmette, Ill., Cognitive Science

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Who Lives Here

All undergraduate students are welcome. For more information, contact RPS Academic Initiatives.

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