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2013-14 MEAL PLANS
Meal Plans Purchase Price I-BUCKS I-BUCKS + Discount = Cash
Max $4,150 2,260 $5,600
Plus $3,650 1,760 $4,400
Standard $3,150 1,260 $3,150
Mini* $2,550 1,020 $2,550
*Note: The mini plan is not available to first-year residents unless they are assigned to live at Willkie.

A Standard plan may be purchased by any IU Bloomington student.

First-year residents may select from Max, Plus, or Standard plans. If a plan is not selected, the resident will be enrolled in the Standard plan by default.

Second-year returning residents of the residence halls may choose any plan.

Third-year (or longer) returning residents, students living in RPS apartments, fraternities, sororities, or off-campus, faculty, and staff may purchase any of the plans, or not participate in any meal plan. Faculty and staff must pay the 7% Indiana state sales tax on purchases.

Any resident of Willkie, Mason Hall, Hillcrest Apartments, or Union Street Center has the same options as identified in item 4 above.

A Kosher plan is available.

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