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Health Sciences

  • $100 annual program fee
  • Standard housing costs with air-conditioning
  • Single rooms
  • Central neighborhood


This small community attracts students wanting to major in the sciences and eventually become health care or medical professionals, or educators. Community members form study groups and often take the same classes. Residents enjoy being able to share their career interests with one another.


  • Panel discussions on careers in medical fields.
  • Study groups.
  • Volunteering within the Bloomington community.
  • Study tips workshops hosted by faculty members.
  • Attending career planning workshops and related programs.
  • Visiting a local orchard, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, and the World Culture Fair.
  • Trips to Chicago, Louisville, or other locations to explore medical museums or health-related exhibits.

Student Quotes

How would you describe your community?

"The Health Sciences Community helps to build connections with students majoring in medicine or who are interested in the medical field." —LaShondra B., Hammond, Ind.; Community Health


What is the best part about living in the community?

"The BEST part about living in my community is that I have found people with the same study habits as me, which is a plus. We have the same classes, same study habits, but even better we live together... with one or two we're even becoming best friends." —Francisco C., Orange County, Calif.; Biology

Who Lives Here

We welcome first-year, transfer, sophomore, junior, and senior students interested in any of the health sciences fields.

How to Apply

Review the application process before beginning. When completing your housing application, select "Health Sciences" on the Learning Community selection page. For more information, contact Academic and Student Engagement.

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