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Global Living Learning Community (LLC)

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Global Living Learning Community (Global LLC) connects a diverse range of students from the U.S. and across the world. The community, located in Read Residential Center, is reserved for students passionate about learning to understand the world in all its diversity, from politics and religion to art, food, language, and science.

The mission of the Global LLC is to provide an enhanced educational experience for Indiana University students with a common interest in global affairs—whatever their career path. Students will live together attending classes, networking, and exploring the world with its interconnections and opportunities.

The Global LLC seeks to cultivate an environment where students inspire each other, receiving support by programming that helps define career goals, identifies campus resources and opportunities, provides academic direction, and prepares students both for their study at Indiana University and for their future success in the world.

Community members will be invited to take part in a variety of cultural events, including internationally themed meals, musical and theatrical performances, and workshops and symposia.

Who Lives Here

Global LLC resident interests range widely across all disciplines in the three divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences—mathematical and natural sciences, historical and social sciences, and arts and humanities--as well as the three schools in the College—Art and Design, Global and International Studies, and Media. Members also come from just about everywhere on earth. One of the unique functions of the Global LLC is its role as a place of connection and sharing, amid diversity.

Students are not required to have a specific major to live in the Global LLC. This community is for students interested in exploring aspects of the world beyond one's borders. It is for international students interested in the U.S., and it is for U.S. students interested in the international.

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Advantages to Living Here

As stated in Indiana University's Bicentennial Strategic Plan, the heart of this institution's international engagement is the belief that "this is not the time to withdraw from the world. Rather, it is the time to expand and deepen our engagement with the world, based on the best expertise and scholarship available, and the best understanding of all parts of the world.

Indiana University believes that now more than ever, one of the most vital components of an IU student's education is its international dimension." The College's Global Living-Learning Community is the only LLC with this vision of international engagement at its core. Students live side-by-side with classmates from all corners of the earth, sharing the experience of deep, transformative learning that is IU's undergraduate mission.

If you believe, as we do, that now more than ever is the time to engage with the world in all its complexities, through global aspects of the curriculum, experience-based programming, and co-curricular activities, then the Global LLC is the place for you.

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Requirements to Be Here

While students do not have to declare a particular major to be in the Global LLC, all must apply for and receive acceptance into the Global LLC. Applications are available in the spring when students select housing options.

Members must take a one-credit, eight-week course in the fall.

A $100 fee each semester for all members of the Global LLC covers some of the costs of programs and events.

How to Sign Up

Be sure to apply for the Global LLC community on your housing application as soon as possible as the Global LLC is a popular place to live and spaces will fill up quickly.

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