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Diversity Education Specialist

No anticipated vacancies for the 2014-2015 academic year.

See also: CommUNITY Education Program

Each Diversity Education Specialist (DES) supervises a staff of six CommUNITY Educators (CUEs). The supervisory aspect of the DES position includes: helping CUEs set programming goals; convening regular CUE staff meetings; having individual conferences with CUEs; holding CUEs accountable for program expectations and; evaluating/assessing CUE performance and program effectiveness. The success of the CUE program also depends on each DES maintaining a close working relationship with other staff, faculty, administrators, and student leaders across campus. In addition to supervising CUEs, each DES is occasionally called upon to present diversity related programs within the residence halls and in other areas of campus. The DES reports directly to the Assistant Director for Diversity Education.


Position requirements: Candidates for the DES position should possess: 1) a deep commitment to issues of diversity and social justice; 2) a well-defined guiding philosophy about the need for diversity education and some well-developed strategies for delivering such education; 3) experience designing, implementing and assessing educational programs; 4) effective supervisory skills; and 5) an ability to function independently while at the same time operating in a dynamic leadership team. First-year law students and first-year MBA students are not eligible for the DES position.


Remuneration and benefits include: The DES position is considered a .50 FTE assistantship and is listed as a 20-hour per week commitment. Due to the nature of working with staff and students in the residence halls, there are weekly fluctuations in commitment resulting in some weeks that require additional hours and some weeks that may require less. While there are some weekend programs and training sessions are required, the DES does not have regular weekend work duty.


The Division of Residential Programs and Services of Indiana University agrees to reimburse the Diversity Education Specialist by providing a one-bedroom on-campus apartment, insurance benefits, meal plan for the residence dining centers, tuition reduction which covers 24 credit hours*, and a total cash stipend of $4,500 ($5,000 for returning staff) for the period of agreement. Reductions do not cover dedicated fees, mandatory fees, course-related fees or audit hours. An eligible appointee should be prepared to pay, at the time of registration, dedicated fees that total 3.5% of tuition for non-resident students and 9% of tuition for resident students , plus mandatory and special course-related fees. For a full list of mandatory and special course-related fees, visit

*Note: In addition, some fees are unremittable. If requested, Residential Programs and Services will also reimburse the DES for up to 6 credit hours of tuitionreduction during summer sessions.