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Conservation, Outdoor Recreation, and Environmental Education (C.O.R.E.)

Learning by doing.

  • $200 annual program fee.
  • Central neighborhood.
  • Double rooms.
  • Standard housing costs with air-conditioning.


Members of the Conservation, Outdoor Recreation, and Environmental Education (CORE) LLC share a common interest and passion for the environment who want to learn and engage with others in activities focused on the environment and nature. They take a three-credit Intro to Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology course together as a community during the fall semester. The CORE LLC staff will assist the community in developing relationships with the local community to learn and serve while experiencing the natural environment of southern Indiana. Class registration is required and is part of summer orientation.

Students interested in the environment but unable to complete the course requirement should consider joining the Conservation, Outdoor Recreation, and Environmental Education Thematic Community.


  • Community recreation trips, such as:
    • Backpacking or mountain biking in beautiful Brown County or the Deam Wilderness.
    • Skiing at Paoli Peaks.
    • Spelunking in southern Indiana’s renowned karst underworld.
    • Visits to area sustainable farms or farmers’ markets.
  • Community service activities, such as:
    • Environmental cleanups.
    • Invasive species removal.
    • Neighborhood tree plantings.
    • Trail building.
  • Participation in student self-governance.
  • REQUIRED: Enrollment and successful completion of SPH-O 210 in fall term (CORE LLC only section).

Student Experience

"The thing I like best about living in the CORE LLC are the people. They are all great people who share a love for the environment." —Dan. D., Terre Haute, Ind., Political Science and Economics

"I would recommend the CORE LLC to new students because I have never met a better group of people to spend my freshman year living with. I came in with no conservation, outdoor recreation, or environmental recreation experience and have already learned and experienced so much! Choosing to be a part of the LLC was one of the greatest decisions I've made at IU so far." —Sophie M., Wilmette, Ill., Cognitive Science
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Who Lives Here & Living Requirements

All undergraduate students are welcome. For more information, contact Academic & Student Engagement.

Those interested in living in the CORE LLC must complete an application for competitive review.

All living in the LLC agree to the following:

  • I agree to abide by the Residential Programs and Services (RPS) A-Z Guide.
  • I agree to be an active and engaged member of the community.
  • I agree to partake in at least 1 CORE LLC extra-curricular activity, per term.
  • I will enroll in and successfully complete, with a grade of B or better, the required course (SPH-O 210: Introduction to Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human Ecology) during the fall term.

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