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Digital Screens

Digital screens are available in the RPS-managed facilities so that RPS can inform all residence hall and apartment residents of its services, news, events, policy changes, and procedures in a timely, consistent, and concise manner.

Advertising on the screens is limited to Indiana University. Priority for use is as follows:

Requests to place advertising on the screens should be sent to RPS Marketing and Communications and must include the location(s) where advertising is being requested, as well as the start and end date of the announcement.

Announcements can be designed by RPS or submitted by the requester. Those submitted by the requester must be PNG format. File size is 1375 x 925 pixels (horizontal/landscape orientation) at 72 dpi. We cannot accept files in PDF or PowerPoint format. Watch our video about creating good advertisements and PNG files.

Word counts should be kept to 25 or less; be sure to include event name, date, and location.

RPS reserves the right to decline requests for advertising and to stop a non-RPS announcement before its end date to accommodate IU emergency messages or RPS information.

To ensure visibility of announcements, the maximum number of messages displayed at any one time is 12. All announcements are limited to one display file. Announcements will be displayed in rotation for 10 seconds each.