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Residential Life Positions

Employment for some positions in this department takes a different application path. Anyone interested in working for the libraries should email rpslib@indiana.edu. For the other positions listed, email joinrps@indiana.edu.

Resident Assistant and CommUNITY Education positions are available for 2019-20. Applications are due Nov 29. Attendance at one of the informational sessions is mandatory to apply. E-mail joinrps@indiana.edu for questions.

Informational Sessions (must attend one to apply):

  • October 15 Spruce Classroom B109, 7 p.m.
  • October 22 McNutt 208B, 8:30 p.m.
  • October 25 Teter NST, 8 p.m.
  • October 29 Hodge Hall 2082, 7 p.m.
  • November 1 Luddy Hall 1106, 7:30 p.m.
  • November 6 Read Hoosier Den, 6 p.m.
  • November 13 Briscoe SAR, 8 p.m.
  • November 26 Union Street Auditorium, 9 p.m.

Apply to be an RA / CUE

Graduate Assistantships

Application Process

Except for applicants to the Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program where the assistantship process is part of the program admission, the graduate assistantship process for Residential Programs and Services (RPS) is separate from the academic admissions process. To learn more about the HESA Outreach process, please visit the Student Personnel Association at Indiana University.

To be considered for an assistantship in RPS, you must be currently enrolled in a graduate program or in the process of enrolling in a graduate program at Indiana University for Fall 2018. First-year law students and first-year MBA students are not eligible for graduate assistantship positions. Preference for interviews may be given to those candidates entering the fields of graduate study in the area of Higher Education and Student Affairs or Counseling and Educational Psychology.

The application is due by January 19, 2018. The application includes two components:

Application for Graduate Staff Positions


Please read the application packet for more details about the process. All application materials are to be submitted to Join RPS.

Positions Available for 2018–19

Graduate Supervisor (GS)—Multiple positions available for 2018–19

The Graduate Supervisor (GS) is a live-in position that partners with the Residential Life professional staff to develop successful academic and residential life experiences for students. Residential Life seeks to cultivate productive and well-rounded citizens through living and learning in the residential environment. Major responsibilities of the GS position include:

  • Supervise, train, and evaluate 4–8 Resident Assistants (RAs).
  • Serve as a facilitator of student learning through the Residential Curriculum.
  • Serve as a member of the center leadership team in the management of residence center, including frequent contact with custodial and maintenance staff, communication with housing assignments, dining and other RPS and IU departments.
  • Advise and consult residence hall students with social, educational, and academic concerns.
  • Duty coverage and crisis intervention.
  • Advisorship responsibilities in areas such as student leadership, learning communities, welcome week, and conduct administration.
  • Additional opportunities for departmental committee work in areas such as selection, training, residential curriculum, diversity and inclusion, and summer conferences.

Candidates for the GS position should possess:

  • Previous residence life staff experience (i.e., resident assistant) or comparable experience with student leadership or community development
  • Effective supervisory skills (preferably with undergraduate students)
  • Commitment to issues related to social justice and diversity
  • Ability to function independently while at the same time operating in a team dynamic

Graduate Supervisor for Residential Life for Academic Programs—1 position available for 2018–19

The Graduate Supervisor (GS) for Residential Life for Academic Programs is a live-on position that reports to the Assistant Director, Residential Life Thematic Communities. The GS has the primary responsibility for providing direction, supervision, and support to the Academic Peer Advocates (APA) undergraduate staff. The APA staff are live-in student staff members whose primary mission is to foster academic success in the residential environment. Major responsibilities of the GS include:

  • Supervise, train, and evaluate up to five APAs; including weekly staff meetings and one-on-one supervision meetings, in the areas of academic engagement for students living in the residence halls.
  • Facilitate a close working relationship with other residence hall staff which includes regular meetings with professional, graduate, and undergraduate staff in each center.
  • Identify needs, outcomes, and implementation of training and programs related to academics.
  • Program support, oversight, and assessment of the Hoosier FASSTrack (Fostering Academic and Social Success) Thematic Communities.
  • Additional opportunities such as advising the Learning Community Reserve Fund, staff selection, and assisting with departmental programs.
  • The GS will also have the opportunity to participate in departmental assessment and evaluation projects, as well as other collaborative and recruitment initiatives that might arise within Residential Life.

Graduate Supervisor for Residential Life for Academic Programs position should possess:

  • Previous residential leadership and/or staff experience with the context of academic engagement or other similar collaborative programs.
  • Effective supervisory skills (preferably with undergraduate students).
  • Knowledge of how residence hall environments can facilitate student engagement, retention, and academic success.
  • Additionally, the GS must be self-motivated and capable of functioning independently without daily direct supervision.


Graduate staff positions (GA/GS) are considered a .50 FTE assistantship and is listed as a 20-hour per week commitment. Due to the nature of working with staff and students in residence halls, there are weekly fluctuations in which graduate assistants may work above and beyond 20 hours in a given week.
Graduate staff positions will receive living accommodations, insurance benefits, a cash stipend of approximately $4,500 ($5,000 for returning staff), and a fee remission which covers tuition during the academic year.
Graduate staff will be provided with a tuition fee remission which covers 24 credit hours at the University Graduate School rate* during the academic year. Fee remissions do not cover dedicated fees, mandatory fees, course-related fees or audit hours. An eligible appointee should be prepared to pay, at the time of registration, dedicated fees plus mandatory and special course-related fees.
For a full list of mandatory and special course-related fees, refer to Student Central.
*Business, Law, Library and Information Sciences, Public and Environmental Affairs, and Optometry have rates that exceed the University Graduate School rate.

If requested, Residential Programs and Services will also reimburse the GS/GA for up to 6 credit hours of tuition fee remission during summer sessions.


Graduate Assistant for the Hoosier Den (one position available for 2018–19)

The Graduate Assistant (GA) for the Hoosier Den is a live-on position appointed to manage two Hoosier Den facilities in the residence halls. The Hoosier Den serves as a late night programming space in the residence halls. Major responsibilities of the GA position include:

  • Advise leadership team staff on direction, mission, and programs of the Hoosier Den.
  • Collaborate with other campus departments in offering late night programming initiatives on campus.
  • Coordinate marketing for Hoosier Den space and programming to Residential Life staff and residence hall students.
  • Engage with student groups and campus partners to develop programming for Hoosier Den.
  • Hire, supervise, support, and train student staff in two Hoosier Den late night programming spaces.
  • Monitor budget and have oversight of payroll process.

Additional opportunities for departmental committee work in areas, such as diversity and inclusion, residential curriculum, selection, summer conference, and training.

Preferred Qualifications for the GA Position

  • Commitment to diversity and social justice, specifically as it relates to our students and campus environments.
  • Effective supervisory skills (preferably with undergraduate students).
  • Experience in leadership development and programming in residence life or comparable student affairs area.
  • Familiarity with facilities management, preferably in a college or university setting.
  • Skills in marketing and communication.

Additionally, the GA must be self-motivated and capable of functioning independently without daily direct supervision.